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About Us
My Neighborhood Broadband is a service of WebSell&PCs. WebSell&PCs got its start in 2000, building custom designed PCs, servers and offering network administration. To this day, we have been providing systems and servers at the most competitive prices to local residential and business customers.

Building on that foundation, in 2001, we launched, a web hosting and design firm. Today, we offer hosting, email, list servers and design options to satisfy anyone's budget.

The success of these enterprises, has led us down a new path, with the creation of  Since May 2003, we have grown leaps and bounds, meeting goals well in advance of target dates.  Thanks to you, our customers.

The backbone of our ISP is powered by United Broadband Networks, LLC, a Louisville, KY firm specializing in wireless bandwidth sales. Our rock-solid relationship with this proven company provides us with knowledgeable support staff, the ability to offer low rates, and a reliable data stream.

Our goal is to provide high speed internet access to New Albany/Floyd County areas, parts of Clark County, and Louisville.

We will see you soon!

Our System
MyNBB's system is 100% wireless.

That means fast reliable connections to the internet backbone. Our speeds are unrivaled by all other broadband options (cable, DSL, etc.)

We tailor our system to provide broadband service at your location, at an unbelievably low price! The dial-up era will soon be extinct.

You may continue to use to access your email if you prefer that option.

Northwest New Albany
Southeast New Albany

If you have Windows XP and have yet to update to Service Pack 2 you may want to hold your horses. Many applications require patches to conform with this new service pack, and it is recommended you determine what issues could result from this major Windows update.

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